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Lisa B. Forberg
Nashville Area Collaborative Divorce Lawyer and Family Mediator

What I Do

I have represented hundreds of divorce clients. Some of these cases were traditional litigated divorces, a highly adversarial process with numerous motions and hearings in the court room to represent my client’s interests.

Yet many of my cases were resolved faster out-of-court, and with much greater satisfaction for my clients, by using Mediation, Collaborative Divorce and other ways to arrive at negotiated settlements.

In general, it is less expensive, less emotionally damaging  and more effective in the longterm to use one of these Alternative Dispute Resolution processes for divorce, especially for uncontested divorces.

Increasingly clients simply do not want to go to court, where many details of their private lives are made public and the relationships with their children and other important family members are strained.

For many, divorce must also be viewed as a financial problem, one that demands a business-like approach with “clear-headed” thinking and excellent planning for the future.  This is accomplished much better with the alternatives to litigation that I practice.

These alternative solutions for divorce also enable a process of “conscious uncoupling” which is equally important to many of my clients as they proceed into the next phases of their life. My professional accomplishments in this regard were featured in the book Conscious Uncoupling, by Katherine Woodward Thomas.  This allows the two spouses, their children and extended families to heal after divorce, and to move on with their lives more productively, with less anger.

Divorce is a process involving the most private and significant parts of a person’s life. The dismantling of your relationship with your spouse demands sensitivity, privacy and careful attention to your unique financial and personal circumstances. The traditional litigated divorce simply does not allow for that.

You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse may not agree on much of anything, but if you are willing to engage in a practical, problem-solving settlement process I can help you determine and attain your top priorities as you move through your divorce towards the next stage of your life. You can choose what your divorce will look like and preserve your important relationships while also conserving your assets.

Even when there are major disagreements between you and your spouse, the same processes that work well for uncontested divorce can be used.

If you or your spouse has already filed for divorce on “fault” grounds, it is still possible to use Mediation, Collaborative Divorce or another Alternative Dispute Resolution method, before the case descends into a highly adversarial court room battle.

You can do this without the pressures and distractions of a litigated divorce, and especially without the increase in conflict and rancor that litigation often generates.

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your unique circumstances.  If you wish, I can meet with both you and your spouse, for the sole purpose of  explaining the different process options for getting divorced in Tennessee. 

See my About page for more information on my areas of expertise in divorce and family law, and the services I offer.

For an understanding of the pain children experience when their parents fight their battle in court, see this page of poignant children’s drawings.

Since most divorces include legal, emotional and financial components, I often collaborate with other skilled professionals to make sure that all of your needs are addressed.

In the meantime, please review additional pages on my web site, including the Tennessee Law Topics, to start answering some of the parenting, financial and child support questions you might have.

The divorce process can be done on your terms, in private and with due regard to your most important personal goals and financial needs.