Does Tennessee Have a Formula for How Much Child Support Will Be Paid?

Tennessee has child support guidelines and worksheets to help determine how much child support will be paid.  The state even provides a web-based tool called the “Child Support Calculator”  that uses the guidelines to determine a child support amount, given the assumptions entered.   

The Tennessee Child Support guideline amounts are not absolutely mandatory and the parents may choose to deviate from the guidelines in order to reach an agreement that meets their family’s specific situation.  Parents can agree to have the paying parent pay more or less than guidelines suggest. However, the law does require that parents who choose to deviate from the child support guidelines explain their reasons per the requirements of the law.  

In out-of-court settlements, such as in the Collaborative Law process, your lawyers will explain your reasons as part of the settlement paperwork submitted to the court, so that the judge can be sure that the best interests of the children are being met.

To access theTennessee child support worksheet and calculator, click here.

To access the Tennessee child support rules, click here.