Client Testimonials

Here are a number of client testimonials speaking to the legal and interpersonal skills of attorney Lisa Forberg in handling their divorce cases.  About half of these were Collaborative Law cases.

  • “I am very grateful I found Lisa. She is such a kind and strong woman who works with such integrity and grace to help people through difficult times.  I know my positive outcome through this divorce is due to her wisdom and work. I am so grateful for that. This experience would have been so much more painful emotionally and financially without her help. Thank you so much, Lisa, for your work and your care in making this world a better place through your unique skill set.”Sarah M.


  • “When it seemed I was in an impossible and stressful divorce, and after having an attorney who couldn’t help me, I contacted Lisa Forberg. She was the first bit of sanity in a long terrible process. She is compassionate and professional, and she helped me emotionally survive. I recommend that anyone who wants a civil way to get divorced, call Lisa. I’m happy that I found her!”  – Kitty M.


  • “During one of the most difficult and challenging times in my life Lisa was great to work with.  I believe the collaborative experience is the way to go if possible.  Lisa performs her job well.  She is very knowledgeable and informs her clients well and does what is best for them.  She is also caring during this sad and difficult time.  I would highly recommend her to anyone going through a divorce. Thank you Lisa!”  – SA

  • “Lisa Forberg was so wonderful during the difficult process of my divorce! She was supportive beyond ways I would imagine an attorney to be, and especially encouraging. She was reliable and very responsive. She even helped me with other issues than just my divorce. I am so grateful to her and recommend her to anyone.” – Claire B.

  • “I was very fortunate to find Lisa to represent me. The personal care she exhibited through my experience was both genuine and supportive. Her professionalism and commitment to being my advocate was much appreciated and valued.”  – SK

  • “Divorce is a difficult journey.  Lisa recognized and navigated through both the emotional and legal challenges.  Her realistic, holistic approach guided the process in a positive direction providing confidence and support when it was most required.  Lisa is an intuitive, caring attorney that I would highly recommend to anyone beginning this journey.” – RMB


  • I wanted divorce with serenity. I also wanted a smart, tough lawyer that would fight for my rights and have my best interests at heart. Lisa Forberg accomplished both these objectives. I am now divorced, I have a substantial settlement and my ex-husband and I still talk. Lisa helped facilitate these results, without the turmoil experienced in most divorchappy smiling boy despite divorcees. I am satisfied.” – T.Y.


  • “This is the only way to go. I can’t imagine dragging the divorce process out for a year or a year and a half. Collaborative is not the same as mediation. If there are any assets involved it’s better to do Collaborative, given how frustrating any kind of divorce is. Lisa is the best. She talked me off the ledge many times. The costs would have been triple going to court. This process only took five months from the first group working meeting to final signing.”  – Matt B.


  • Lisa’s professionalism and knowledge were very appreciated. No doubt about it, divorce is a painful process. Having Lisa to handle all of the legalities took a large weight off of me.Sharon M.


  • “Lisa did an amazing job with my post-divorce case.  It was a very complicated case with an uncooperative ex-spouse and his attorney.  Lisa was compassionate, level-headed and professional every step of the way.  She explained each step we were going through so I could understand, and she always gave me the room to make my own decisions.  She always presented options for me, and when she didn’t have an answer, she would find the answer.  I trusted and valued her expertise and advice.”  – Beth M.


  •  “When my marriage of 41 years ended in amicable divorce, my wife and I agreed pretty quickly on a settlement.  But she insisted on having her own counsel.  I was uncomfortable representing myself under those circumstances.  Attorney Forberg was able and willing to be my shadow counsel, reviewing documents for legal gotchas and generally giving me peace of mind by educating me about what would happen and when and, especially, what to look out for.  This provided a cost effective and anxiety reducing way for me to proceed with my divorce. I was happy to be represented by an insightful lawyer whose focus was on making the process fair and smooth rather than adversarial. Thank you, Lisa!”  – Brian D.


  • “Lisa was open, honest, and extremely professional while handling my divorce. Lisa worked cooperatively with my ex-spouse’s lawyer and with the judge to waive attending the Child Impact Seminar for a second time (Attended during mediation process). Lisa was an advocate for settling the Parenting Plan and the Division of Assets out of court, which, with the cooperation of both lawyers, we were able to achieve. Lisa got my divorce finalized in nine months which was much quicker than I expected given the challenges we had to deal with. She is very passionate about family law and keeps children front and center when decisions need to be made. She’s also compassionate regarding the family dynamics but holds her ground regarding her client’s best interest. Lisa is magnificent to work with and I will recommend her to anyone seeking legal assistance with family law.  Thank you Lisa!”  – Gary M.


  • “As a business owner, I had a lot to lose in my divorce case but got my ex-wife to agree to a collaborative law process, as we were fairly amicable along the way. Lisa ended up a perfect match to my strong type A personality, as she prevented me from appearing too strong against my former wife. While admitably this was a very frustrating process for me, Lisa turned out to be absolutely perfect as she was able to provide a calm and comfortable environment for both my ex-wife and her lawyer. As a result of her professional and calming attitude, we were able to receive better results than what I expected. As soon as the heavy negotiations began, we were able to wrap up the case in only a couple of months rather than a long drawn out court battle. I would recommend Lisa and her collaborative law process to anyone who is still on “good” terms with their future ex-spouse.”   O.Z.


  • “I have had the privilege of working with Attorney Forberg for the past six years. During this time, she has counseled and represented me well on a number of family legal matters ranging from collaborative divorce, property settlement, child support, alimony, and custodial/co-parenting agreements tailored to my unique situation. Her knowledge of family law is matched only by her attentiveness to detail. She has a keen sense of legal dynamics both inside and outside the courtroom. She has shown herself to be fair in her reasoning yet balanced by her assertive and persuasive representation of my rights. Attorney Forberg is the ideal counselor for anyone seeking amicable resolution through collaborative divorce -most especially in circumstances involving families with small children. Divorce is painful but litigation doesn’t have to be. Attorney Forberg was instrumental in helping me navigate those waters and chart a more hopeful future for myself and my children. She has my fullest endorsement.”Jason B.


  • “Lisa made the whole process [a negotiated settlement] much more understandable and less daunting!!” – Erin G.


  • “Lisa put our children first at all times and as a result it kept all of our emotions focused. Every penny and moment spent with Lisa was well spent and I not only enjoyed working with her and her paralegal, I thoroughly trusted them.  They were patient during some incredibly challenging days and moments.  Lisa’s advisement was paramount to my thorough understanding of what divorce entailed especially when it involved our children. My very first conversation with Lisa convinced me that the collaborative process was going to be the best solution to dissolve my marriage which involved children. She clearly possesses the important skill of active listening which was evident in our first conversation.”  – Sandy M.


  • “Lisa Forberg is an amazing lawyer, a true professional who provides great results and solves issues quickly. Lisa saved me when it appeared my complex divorce case was heading down the proverbial creek and me with it. At our first meeting Lisa listened to my situation patiently and answered all my questions and proposed an entirely different strategy for the divorce. The collaborative divorce process was a life saver. Previously all ideas and negotiations had been going nowhere. Lisa and the collaborative team turned it all around. The collaborative team were all great to work with, always very professional and the results were much better than I expected. Lisa and the team did an excellent job and I absolutely recommend her legal services. Thank you so much Lisa.” – Patrick B.

  • “Lisa is a ROCK STAR. She worked hard and got me divorced in 91 days!”   – Ron Y.

  • “Before meeting Lisa I was entering the divorce process with a lot of fear because the entire world of divorce is designed to encourage conflict.   I believed it was possible for my wife and I to negotiate our own peaceful separation, but I was continually met with the advice to seek-out separate lawyers, to take the expensive and conflict-laden path of most divorces.     I found Lisa when searching for a more peaceful way and amicable journey. And wow did she deliver! Lisa gave me hope that a divorce doesn’t have to become a fight..   It doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to end in a war over stuff.    Lisa calmly and patiently walked me through the entire process.   She helped me negotiate effectively with my wife.   She was extremely careful and diligent with our parenting plans to accommodate our situation.   She was quick to respond to my many questions.    Lisa was a bright light in a dark moment of my life.   She helped me and my family make the best of a terrible situation.   The journey of my life is far better for having worked with Lisa.”  – Jonathan B.

  • If you are reading this, it’s because you are trying to navigate a delicate and impactful event in your life and you know you need help – but you don’t know who to entrust these important matters to. I’ve been there. Do yourself a favor and hire Lisa.

    My ex-wife and I were (and still are!!) amicable and we each had our own ideas of what type of outcome would work best for our entire situation – our kids, our relationship with each other and our kids, our housing, our finances, our careers, etc. I am so grateful to Lisa for taking the time to listen and understand our situation and perspectives first, and then tailoring her advice/services and working with my ex-wife’s lawyer to help us refine OUR combined vision for the future of OUR family and making it happen.

    In my experience not all lawyers will do this – many will feel uncomfortable if they are not driving the process and unfortunately, I have seen situations in my own business where it seems after working with lawyers, the parties just end up farther apart than where they started and have paid extensively to get there. This is NOT what Lisa, or the collaborative process does. Lastly, I must comment on how efficiently Lisa works and how well she communicated throughout the process – I always knew what was going on, what was coming up next, and what I needed to do to keep the process moving forward. Good communication reduces client stress in a stressful time and Lisa gets this. Thank You Lisa! ”  – Rob M.